• ipossibilities

    Center Grove Community School District Technology Department was awarded a $200,000 classroom innovation grant from the DOE.  This grant will integrate slate technology (iPads) into the Kindergarten , Special Education, and ENL classrooms in the elementary schools.  In addition, it will allow the district to create a district-wide eBook library with Nooks available for checkout in the media centers. An extension grant of $100,000 will allow for Apple TV project in the multimedia classrooms for the 1:1 iPad classrooms, an expansion into the first grade classrooms, and an expansion of the digital eLibrary.

    Project Abstract:

    iPossibilities: Innovative Differentiation for the Diverse Learner in the 21st Century

    Twenty-first century learning, with the transformation to 1:1 technology access and digital curriculum, presents many new challenges to school districts. There is a definite need to select the appropriate technology for specific target groups as well as streamline and develop a mechanism to deliver digital content to all students. Early learners in kindergarten, special education, and English as a New Language (ENL) programs have specific learning challenges where technology access can readily support students in conjunction with the classroom teacher. This grant will fund these target groups where the standard district 1:1 netbook solution utilized for other general classrooms may not be the most optimum technology solution. iPad slate technology, with its highly visual interface and user-friendly format, will be distributed and integrated into these target audiences in our early learning programs, extending our current grades six through twelve ENL iPad pilot. iPads will be configured with selected educational apps according to individual needs, therefore creating a"Personal Digital Assistant" for each student. To support the digital curriculum transformation, Center Grove Community School Corporation will launch a customized virtual library to deliver eBook content and extend our media centers beyond the school day. The virtual library has the power to turn every mobile and networked device in our community into an instant reading, listening, and learning station. It will transform our media centers into physical and virtual spaces that support all types of learners and content delivery.

    This iPossibilities proposal begins with meeting the individual needs of kindergarten, special education, and ENL students using slate technology extended from our iPad pilot program. The project expands to all grade levels in Center Grove Community School Corporation and into the community with the eBook library. Gaining the resources needed for this project will provide us with the first step towards a sustainable model that supports an engaging ecosystem of information-age learning.

Last Modified on December 29, 2015