• Medication Policy

    Center Grove High School complies with Indiana State Codes and State Law Health Policies. All medications, both prescription and non-prescription, are to be kept in the clinic. The clinic will not supply students with cough drops, throat lozenges or throat sprays. Students with asthma may keep inhalers with them, but a written permission slip by the parents must be on file with the nurse.
    Medications must be brought from home. All medication administration permits and physician statements must be filed with the school at the beginning of each school year, or, at the start of administration whichever comes first. All prescription medication changes and/or dosage changes must be accompanied by a physician’s statement. In the case of OTC medications, a parent’s note must accompany each medication.
    Manufacturer’s recommended dosages will be given in the case of OTC medications unless a physician approves another dose in writing.
    1. Prescription Medications and Controlled Drugs—All medications prescribed by the student’s doctor are to be brought into the clinic with the prescription label and a note from the parent or guardian. Written permission must also be given for students to carry medication home.
    2. Non-Prescription Medications—Written permission from the parent or guardian to administer the student’s over-the-counter medication (i.e. Tylenol, Aspirin, cold medicine, etc.) is required. Over-the-counter medications and non-prescription medications should be FDA approved. Herbal medications will be dispensed with written permission, in accordance with the parent’s wishes and/or the instructions provided on the bottle, and, with the parent’s written acknowledgement that, not being FDA approved, the school and individual(s) dispensing the herb(s) do not accept responsibility for the outcome of the student.

    All medications, prescriptions, and over-the-counter drugs are to be administered by the nurse or the nurse’s medical assistant.

    Medications are to be in the original container, package, or prescription bottle.