•  Illness or Accident
    1. Under no circumstances is a student permitted to leave school because of illness unless arrangements for dismissal have been made through the clinic.
    2. If a student becomes ill or is injured at school, the nurse/assistant/designee will make every effort to contact the person(s) identified on the student’s Emergency Card which is sent home at the beginning of each school year. The emergency cards allow the school to know (on transportable, hard-copy) in what order emergency contacts are to be called, specific medical conditions, treatments and medications relative to the student, and the physician(s) and hospital of choice should the situation present itself.
    3. Students with a temperature of 100 or more will be sent home, and, is not to return to school until (s)he has been fever-free without medication for a period of 24 hours. Students with active vomiting and/or diarrhea, undiagnosed and/or untreated skin rashes or other potentially contagious conditions are not to attend school until the condition is treated (as documented by a physician) or, no longer present. (Students with 5 or more absences in a semester must also obtain a written statement from their doctor in order to return to school.)
    4. Parents are responsible for providing their child(ren) with timely transportation from school in cases of injury or illness.
    5. Students with suspected contagious conditions (i.e. Strep Throat, Pink Eye, Head Lice, Ring Worm, etc.) will be sent home from school. These students are highly contagious to others and must be picked up from school. A written excuse from the doctor must be provided in order to return to school.
    6. If a student requires scheduling modifications, periodic assessment, or other medical support services because of a temporary or chronic illness or condition, these can be arranged personally with one of the Health Services Staff.
    7. Policies and procedures regarding immunization, health screenings, and Medically Fragile Students are available in the CGHS Health Clinic.