• 5TH GRADE: Towards Independent Musicianship
    5th graders bring a broad range of abilities in the final year of elementary instruction. With the effort and aptitude given by the students, they will be reasonably proficient in performing rhythms on and off the steady beat. They will also be able to read and write music in three major keys. In addition their technical skills with Orff instruments will have improved immensely over the years as will their ability to move and sing. These skills are the foundation for the five goals that shape the content of this year’s work.

    1. To encounter new and more complex rhythms with sixteenth note syncopation, in addition to performing and listening to pieces with irregular phrase lengths.

    2. To review the la tonal center and sing, play, improvise music in the full minor scale.

    3. To extend the textural repertoire including the abilities to sing and play pieces in parallel thirds/sixths; to provide three-chord accompaniment I, IV, and V.

    4. To foster improvisation leading to freer, more open-ended responses to improvisation problems.

    5. To develop listening skills with music in theme and variations form.


    Syncopation - Accented notes between the steady beat

    Ritardando - Gradually getting slower

    Accelerando - Gradually getting faster

    Fermata - Hold

    Accent - Emphasized note

    Unison - All performing together on one part

    Timbre - The unique quality of a musical sound

    Swing Beats - Beats 2 and 4 are emphasized

    Accompany - A supporting instrumental or vocal part

    Arrange - Change the music for a different purpose

    Complementary Rhythms - Supporting patterns of sound that work cooperatively

    Flat - 1/2 step lower

    Sharp -1/2 step higher

    I-IV-V Harmony - chord progression with do-fa-so roots

    Solo - 1 performer

    Duet - 2 performers

    Trio - 3 performers

    Quartet - 4 performers

    Theme & Variations - The repetition of a musical idea, with changes of rhythm, tempo, dynamics, etc.


    Mrs. Daugherty, Boom Chicka Boom  

    Mr. Iszler, Boom Chicka Boom

    Mrs. Hollars, Ickle Ockle