• Uniquely CG EC  

    Students will have many unique opportunities as a student in CG EC.    

    Small Learning Community
    Students will enter the EC with a group of 100-120 other freshman.  They will have many of their classes together over the four years.  They will likely also have repeated interaction with the same faculty members.
    College Classes
    Students will take a few college classes their Freshman and Sophomore year; including Study Skills, and Computers.  As a junior and senior they may be taking up to a full load of college classes.  Class offerings are based on the transferability of classes and preparation for future studies.
    Almost all classes are transferable to public institutions in and out of Indiana.  Transfer within Indiana is documented with the Course Transfer Library (CTL) and can be found here.  The CTL is subject to change.  Transfer to private institutions is generally very good but varies by institution.
    Degree seeking
    Students entering EC need to plan on pursuing either a 30 credit certificate or a 60 credit associates degree.
    We expect EC students to pursue the high school honors diploma. 
    At the end of the junior year students will prepare for college by attending Xmester at Vincennes University.  Xmester is a 2 week long college experience that includes living in the dorms, completing a three credit class, and a structured schedule that includes class, study sessions, and activities.  Participants report a greater understanding of what attending college will be like and feel more prepared to make that transition.  Current cost for Xmester is under $1,000.   
    Student Success Initiative
    EC is committed to the success of each student.  Students have access to free tutoring and academic coaching.  Students who are struggling will be identified and be referred to the leadership team for extra sessions and coaching.
    All students at the high school rent/purchase their own iPad.