College classes are available to students based on Accuplacer scores.  Courses are selected based on their ability to transfer, value in associates degree, and availability of teachers.  Course selection changes year to year based on a variety of factors.  

    Weighted Classes
    The following classes are weighted:
    Econ 208  Personal Finance
    Engl 101   English Comp 1
    Engl 102   English Comp 2
    Engl 202   Creative Writing
    Geos 100  Earth Science
    Hist 139   American History 1
    Hist 140   American History 2
    Litr 100    Intro to Literature
    Litr 221.   Intro to World Literature
    Litr 240    Children's Literature
    Pols 111   American Natl Government
    Pols 201   Intro to Political Science