Xmester is an early college summer residential experience on the campus of Vincennes University for rising high school seniors. Participants will begin their experience at Vincennes University campus for the first of two weeks and finish at Center Grove HS for the final week.  Students will live on campus in a residence hall for one week and are able to earn college credit from Vincennes University professors at reduced tuition costs. Courses are taught by both experienced college professors and successful collegiate teaching fellows from colleges across the nation. More importantly, students are able to experience and navigate college campus life and learn firsthand from outstanding campus leaders, giving participants a head start in preparing for college success.

    College credit earned during Xmester is transcripted college credit and will become part of the student’s official academic record at Vincennes University.

    Cost:  $600.  The cost covers one week of Room and Board at VU (all meals provided), sports and recreation activities, and the tuition cost of your College Course.  Center Grove HS will send an invoice for tuition after your student has been registered online and the forms in this packet have been received.  Invoicing will begin in March. 

    Courses:  Each student will take one intensive course at VU during Xmester. This course will move at a fast pace daily, and students will be given dedicated study periods each day in order to prepare for class the next day.  The following is a list of tentative courses that will be offered this year: 


    Course Title


    CNET 255

    Adv Researches in Cyber Crime and Forensics


    HIST 230

    Special Topics in History


    JOUR 299

    Special Topics in Journalism


    OADM 266

    Professional Business Image


    PSYC 290

    Intro to Exceptionalities


    Please contact Kevin Mowrer, Ph. D. (mowrerk@centergrove.k12.in.usfor additional information and to express interest.