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    Angela Chaplin is the guidance counselor for EC and is best suited to handle college application questions.  For more info email Mrs. Chaplin and/or visit the CG Guidance website.

     The following is one recommended resource.  Additional resources can be found at the CG guidance website.


    How to List Your Dual-Credit VU Courses on Your College Applications

    To signify that you are in a dual-credit course for which you will be earning college credit, list your courses in the following manner:

    VU Course Number – Course Name – Dual-Credit

    For example:

    VU Engl 101 – English Comp I – Dual-Credit

    VU Math 102 – College Algebra – Dual-Credit

    To find the VU course numbers and names, go to this site: https://www.centergrove.k12.in.us/Page/7298 

    If you do not have enough space for all of this, try to abbreviate. For example:

    VU Engl 101 – Engl Comp – DualCr

    VU Math 102 – Coll Alg – DualCr