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    The responsibility of instructional coaches is to help close the achievement gap and accelerate learning for all students by building teacher capacity through implementation of effective instructional practices. (Casey, 2008)

    • Assist in establishing teacher strengths and weaknesses in all domains of the Teacher Evaluation Rubric
    • Assist in establishing and writing GAPs based on specific needs of the teacher and assist in finding the professional development resources to reach the goal
    • Collaborate with individual teachers or teacher teams to identify and investigate research-based interventions
    • Model lessons or do side-by-side teaching of lessons
    • Assist in gathering and analyzing classroom data
    • Lead teacher teams in book study or other forms of professional development based on need or interest
    • Provide ongoing, job-embedded, non-evaluative support through a coaching cycle
    • Assist in lesson design, creation of formative assessments, and analyzing of student work
    • Observe teachers and provide feedback based on the classroom walkthrough such as creating a literacy-rich environment or evidence of interdisciplinary literacy strategies… 
    • Videotape lessons/teaching, provide feedback, and assist teachers in implementing instructional strategies with follow-up observation
    • Build capacity in becoming reflective teachers
    • Gather classroom resources and materials for teachers
    • Consult with teachers or teacher teams about the transition to the Common Core State Standards, the implementation of building or district-based practices such as the 90 minute reading block or Reader’s Workshop…
    • Support beginning teachers in classroom management, instruction…
    • Collaborate and attend essential meetings with district/building administrators in regards to professional development