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    Evaluation Process Overview

    The Indiana Teacher Evaluation: Senate Enrolled Act 1 has determined that the purpose of a teachert evaluation system is to:
    • Serve as a measurement of performance for individual teachers; 
    • Serve as a guide for teachers as they reflect upon and improve their effectiveness;
    • Serve as the basis for instructional improvement; 
    • Focus the goals and objectives of schools and districts as they support, monitor, and evaluate their teachers;
    • Guide professional development programs for teachers; 
    • Serve as a tool in developing coaching and mentoring programs for teachers; and
    • Enhance the implementation of the approved curriculum 
     The evaluation model must be fair, credible, accurate, and must..
    • Be annual; Every teacher, regardless of experience, deserves meaningful feedback on their performance on an annual basis.
    • Include student growth data: Evaluations should be student-focused. First and foremost, an effective teacher helps students make academic progress. A thorough evaluation system includes multiple measures of teacher performance, and growth data must be one of the key measures.
    • Include four rating categories: To retain our best teachers, we need a process that can truly differentiate our best educators and give them the recognition they deserve. If we want all teachers to perform at the highest level, we need to know which individuals are achieving the greatest successes and give support to those who are new or struggling. 
     (These are the requirements for the TES process. Please note that these may or may not be tweaked at the end of the year depending on discussions with the CGTE Steering Committee and with the Administrators.)
     Have a question regarding the evaluation process?
    UTAG plus a committee of CG teacher representatives make up the Teacher Evaluation Steering Committee. They meet frequently to discuss and compose answers to questions submitted. Please check the Q & A section on the Staff Evaluations page for updates to questions.

    Need a copy of an evaluation form or document?

    Please check out the Staff Evaluations page on our district website. It contains ANY rubric, or form that we are using with the evaluation process. This page also contains a tutorial especially prepared for teachers on the collection of evidence process. 

    Want a resource to help with Domain 1, 2, 3, or 4?

    Here is the link to a list of Domain 3 opportunities within the corporation.    Teacher Leadership Opportunities for Domain 3