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    Writing a Goal Action Plan (GAP)        pencil


    The Center Grove Goal Action Plan process most certainly meets the requirement of Senate Enrolled Act 1 stating that any evaluation system must assess student growth through focused instruction by the teacher. Our process requires teachers to

    Set a Baseline Condition

        What is it that you wish to change or improve upon?  Be sure to include the following:
    • Specific description of conditions you want to change
    • Contains quantifiable data
    • Includes a statement as to WHY you feel a need to make a difference in this area                            

    Create a Goal

    • Includes a plan for ALL students on the roster (can not exclude any one group of students) 
    • Goal focuses on student learning
    • Goal relates to topic and data in baseline conditions
    • Goal is achievable through teacher actions
    • Goal compliments building/district goals
    • Goal is concise, measurable, and attainable with opportunities for measuring progress at designated times

     Give Strategies

    • Three (3) or more strategies that: 

                -are realistic
                -are reliant upon teacher-action;  "I will" statements
                -are connected to the goal
                -are measurable  (can be measurable in the fact it can be proven, not always data)
                -are based on best practice and/or research

      Document Evidence of Progress

    • Progress is documented by three (3) or more pieces of evidence that:

             -reveal progress of student learning
             -demonstrate long-term evaluation with interim formative assessments

    In the spring, the bottom of the GAP will need to be completed and submitted to your administrator with your results.  Be sure to include the following on the REFLECTION section of the GAP:
             -Presents documented evidence that the implementation of goal has had an effect on student achievement
             -Demonstrates that the goal achievement complements the school and corporation mission

    Please note:

    *Your administrator will give you guidance as to the expectations of format, choice of goal, and expected % of growth. Teachers may share goals but EACH teacher needs to write and submit their own GAP form.  Although Goals may be shared, each teacher needs to use their own baseline data and strategies. 

    *Please note:  Currently, the Center Grove GAP model does not penalize a teacher for NOT achieving their goal.
     Here are some great examples of the overall GAP process.
    If you have questions about how to write a particular section, look at one or two of them for ideas.  

    Links to helpful resources in the GAP writing process:
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