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    Evidence Collection


    Teachers may submit artifacts to their administrator to provide evidence of their best teaching practices.  These artifacts will help inform the evaluating administrator regarding indicators that may not be observed during the multiple observation visits.  They also can be submitted to offer another point of view if the teacher disagrees with markings made by the administrator.  Teachers may add artifacts to their Standards for Success account at any time, but no later than seven days prior to their teacher evaluation conference.

    The only acceptable format to submitting an artifact is online through Standards for Success.   However, teachers are encouraged to collect documents, information, and supportive for each indicator in any format they choose such as hanging folders, binders, file folders, or folders on a desktop computer until they can be uploaded into the official format.  Only ONE artifact per indicator should be submitted as recommended by CG TEC.  Check with your administrator for amounts needed.     

    Step-by-step pictorial directions on how to upload artifacts are on the FORMS page (see tab at top of SFS Homepage) located within Standards for Success along with other helpful documents.