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    Final Rating and Ranking Process


    The final rating and ranking process is really a multi-step formula created by the Center Grove Teacher Evaluation Steering Committee.  There are three steps to the process:
    Step 1:   The administrator will fill out the final evaluation form on Standard for Success based on their year-long observations and also evidence reported by the teacher in their Evidence Report.  This document will be sent to each teacher no less than 24 hours before their end-of-year conference so they can digest the comments and final rating.  Once in the conference, the administrator will discuss strengths/areas of improvement observed throughout the year.  Next, the teacher will be asked to sign the evaluation.  Please note that each domain on the evaluation rubric is weighted as follows:
    Step 2:  Based on the final rating from the final evaluation, teachers will  be shown where they are on the continuum (1 - 4) scale created by the Teacher Evaluation Steering Committee.   Note that there is a different scale for New Teachers (Year 1 only).  
    Step 3:  This final ranking number will then be forwarded to the Education Service Center and used as part of a formulary, again created by the TE Steering Committee, to determine any deserved financial reward.  This portion of the process is always negotiated with the United Teachers Association of Center Grove as a part of contract negotiations.