• Absence Management

     Absence Management (AM)
    (formerly Aesop)

    Welcome to Absence Management!
    Staff and Substitute Information
    How do I log in to Absence Management?
    You can interact with AM on the internet at Absence Management or call them at 1-800-942-3767.
    Campus users please click here to log in to Absence Management. 
    • STAFF ~ After entering you absence in Skyward, you will finish the process in Absence Management if you need a substitute teacher.  You will also be able to upload lesson plans for substitutes to view online.

    • SUBSTITUTES ~ This is your login page to view open jobs for the day.
    How do I get an ID and PIN?
    Your ID and PIN should be automatically sent to you in an email when you are hired.  If you do not receive this information, contact Lynae Froman via email: fromanl@centergrove.k12.in.us or at (317) 881-9326 ext. 1602.
    • ID Number: This will be the 1st phone number that is listed in Skyward.  If your phone number changes so will your login ID.
    • PIN: It is auto generated so see your email for this number.
    How Can I Get Training on Absence Management (AM)?
    EMPLOYEES:  The links below will provide you with several options to learn about the AM Employee website:

    Frequently Asked Questions
    SUBSTITUTES ~ The links below will provide you with several options to learn about the AM Substitute website:

    School Times for Certified Substitutes
    These times will vary if you work in a support position! 
    Center Grove High School
    Full Day: 7:20-2:50
    Half Day (a.m.): 7:15-11:00                
    Half Day (p.m.): 11:00-2:45             
    Center Grove Middle School North and Middle School Central
    Full Day: 7:15-2:45
    Half Day (a.m.): 7:15-11:00
    Half Day (p.m.): 11:00-2:45 
    All Elementary Schools 
    Full Day: 8:30-4:00 
    Half Day (a.m.): 8:30-12:15
    Half Day (p.m.): 12:15-4:00