• Center Grove Police Department


    The Center Grove Police Department (CGPD) is made up of six sworn police officers who are also certified School Resource Officers (SROs), three School Safety Officers (SSOs), and three K9s. One K9 is certified in narcotics detection and tracking, another is certified in explosives detection, and the other is certified in munitions and tracking. Three of our SROs are certified K9 Handlers. All police officers are licensed police officers in the state of Indiana. Each officer has graduated from an accredited law enforcement academy. They each have full arrest powers and all of the rights, privileges, and immunities afforded to municipal police officers.

    Center Grove Police Department
    The Johnson County Sheriff's Department (JCSD) provides radio dispatch support and jail facilities to the CGPD. CGPD officers receive all mandates and training through JCSD.
    It is important to note the mission statement of the CGPD. It is simple, but it is the guiding principle of our organization and it specifically recognizes the importance of maintaining an atmosphere conducive to learning for our students at all grade levels. It reads:
    To create and maintain a safe, secure and nurturing learning environment
    working in partnership with our schools and other local, state, and federal emergency response agencies