Considering Collegiate Athletics?


    The NCAA has provided the updated information below regarding NCAA initial eligibility. A link to the information has also been posted to the myIHSAA Resource Library in the Student Athlete Eligibility Documents section.

    Updated Resources for the 2020-21 Academic Year

    It's time for another great school year! The following reminders are designed to help as you provide information to students and families and assist them with the registration, initial-eligibility and certification processes.

    Our updated resources for the 2020-21 school year can be found on our Educational Resources page and include:

    More resources are coming soon! Check back to the Educational Resources page for updates.

     Also, the NCAA Eligibility Center began a text-messaging program to reach out to registered prospective student-athletes.  This program will reach out to U.S.  phone numbers only, and will be used primarily to notify students when critical tasks are open within their Eligibility Center certification account       



    This is a very comprehensive and informational website that gives the answers many are looking for.  They have two different sets of webinars on the website: one for athletes/parents, and the other for High School Staff.  This site can be very beneficial for those unfamiliar with the recruiting process.  The webinars are about one hour in length, but the information is presented in a way to keep the participants engaged.