Considering Collegiate Athletics?

    If you are considering Collegiate Athletics, please visit the NCAA Clearinghouse website 
    Information must be completed at the end of the Junior year of high school.
    The NCAA has changed Initial-Eligibility Academic Requirements for Division I student-athletes starting in 2016 and beyond. Here is a power point that the NCAA Eligibility Center has put together to help educate all of those involved (administrators, counselors, parents, student-athletes): Please take a look at this extremely informational presentation.  It is our goal that no high school student-athlete who will graduate in 2016 and beyond get caught off guard by these new Division I standards.
    Free resources for NCAA eligibility questions:



    This is a very comprehensive and informational website that gives the answers many are looking for.  They have two different sets of webinars on the website: one for athletes/parents, and the other for High School Staff.  This site can be very beneficial for those unfamiliar with the recruiting process.  The webinars are about one hour in length, but the information is presented in a way to keep the participants engaged.