• Class Placement Information for Parents

    Dear Parents,
    It’s that time of year again when parents begin thinking about the next school year. This is a good time for us to provide additional clarifications for parents on classroom placements. Most students in the school are placed into grade level courses and the teachers differentiate within those classes to meet student needs. Classroom placements will be available in July at our registration time.
    Because our goal is to provide the most appropriate academic experience for all students, we really need every parent’s help in communicating class placement with students. Please help your student understand that his/her placement is based on academic scores, classroom make-up and teacher and administrator input. ALL teachers in the building differentiate and students will be placed in an appropriate classroom. Students who are in an Enrich classroom have grade level curriculum that may be done faster, may go deeper, or may be extended to cover more related topics; however, ALL students in a grade level cover the grade level curriculum.
    Some students require additional assistance or additional challenges. Students who require additional assistance may have an IEP, language support or be part of school interventions. Students who need additional challenges may be placed into an Enrich classroom or may be part of the Extended Learning Program. Regardless of the placement, all students are learning and all students are valuable.
    It is important to keep in mind that there are two separate groups of students who may be placed into the Enrich program.The first group of students who may be in Enrich would be those students who are tested and who qualify as a high ability student. These are generally students who score in the 98 or 99th percentile and who work significantly above grade level. Students in grades K, 1, 2 and 3 are usually placed into Enrich if they are labeled high ability to meet their academic needs. Several of the high ability students are then placed into the Extended Learning program in grades 4 and 5, while some will remain in an Enrich classroom. Parents of students tested for high ability will receive testing results in June and will receive notification of whether or not the students qualified for placement this year at that time.
    The other group of students who may be placed into an Enrich program during one or more years of elementary school would be higher achieving students. All students in every grade have school level data collected in reading/language arts and mathematics. The student scores are then rank-ordered and reviewed. Students are placed into the Enrich classrooms based on available spaces and their scores in relation to the other students in their grades.
    Example: There are 6 high ability students in grade 2. Those students are placed into Enrich. The second grade classrooms in the building will each have 25 students. 25- 6 = 19, so there are 19 spaces for other high achieving students. Those students will be placed based on their grade level scores from the previous year. It would be expected that the high achieving students placed in a class will change from year to year.
    Parents of higher achieving students will be made aware of placement into Enrich during the first week of school via the teacher’s newsletter home.
    Anyone with questions, should contact his/her building principal.