Sight Word Flashcards:  Flashcards
    Unit 1-
    Sam, Come Back!
    1. at             4. back       7. bat         10. sack          13. in
    2. can          5. dad         8. mad       11. man           14. it
    3. cat           6. am          9. ran         12. fan            15. on
    sight words: on, way, in, come, my
    Pig in a Wig
    1. in           4. sit           7. lip           10. wig         13. is
    2. it            5. six          8. mix         11. pig          14. up
    3. did         6. fix           9. pin          12. and         15. big
    sight words: take, she, up, what
    The Big Blue Ox 
    1. mom      4. pot        7. lock          10. rock          13. see
    2. hot         5. pop       8. mop          11. animal      14. x-ray
    3. hop        6. ox         9. got            12. get            15. not
    sight words: blue, from, get, help, little, use
    A Fox and a Kit 
    1. nap       4. naps      7. sit         10. step       13. ten
    2. wins     5. fit          8. fits        11. sled       14. wet
    3. eat       6. her         9. the         12. your      15. when
    sight words: eat, five, four, her, this, too
    Get the Egg! 
    1. bed          4. men          7. red         10. step       13. ten
    2. net           5. leg           8. jet           11. sled       14. wet
    3. best         6. saw          9. to            12. your       15. when
    sight words: saw, small, tree, your
    Animal Park 
    1. crust       4. just         7. must        10. dust      13. trust
    2. bump      5. jump      8. dusk         11. hunt     14. lump
    3. hut          6. fun         9. them         12. us        15. but 
    sight words: home, into, many, them  
     Unit 2:
    A Big Fish for Max 
    1. ship         4. fish        7.then       10. shut          13. with
    2. rush         5. shell      8. shop      11. trash        14. thin
    3. good        6. no         9. she         12. they         15. that
    sight words: catch, good, no, put, said, want
    The Farmer in the Hat 
    1. face         4. made        7.age      10. safe         13. take
    2. make        5. cage        8. cake     11. late        14. name
    3. shake       6. be             9. have      12. ate       15. old
    sight words: be, could, horse, old, of, paper
    Who Works Here? 
    like      ride      smile       time     white
    bike    dime     hide         ice       kite
    slide    out       people     want     who
    sight words: live, out, people, who, work
    The Big Circle 
    home      hope        rose        tube       use
    bone       hose        flute       rude        mule
    down     go            said         was        play
    sight words: down, inside, now, there, together
    Life in the Forest 
    huge      June      rule      tube     use
    cube      cute       flute     rude    mule
    are         for        said      was     play
    sight words: around, find, food, grow, under, water
    Honey Bees
    be           feet      he        see       we
    green     meet     she      tree       week
    could     here      me       bee       went
    sight words: also, family, new, other, some, their  
    Unit 3:  
    A Place to Play
     my         by          try             sunny               handy
    fly          cry          lucky        silly                  puppy
    day         thing       very         why                   egg
    sight words: always, become, day, everything, nothing, stays, things
    Ruby in Her Own Time 
     bring          trunk        pink           bank            sang
    wing           rink          blank          rang            sunk
    am              girl           with           you              quit
    sight words: any, enough, ever, every, own, sure, were
    The Class Pet 
    fix              fixes           class         classes      wish
    wishes        kiss            kisses       bus            buses
    car             friend          house        of              school
    sight words: away, car, friends, house, our, school, very
    Frog and Toad Together 
    ask                asked          plan             planned           help
    helped           drop           dropped       call                  called
    favorite         how            kick             talk                  look
    sight words: afraid, again, few, how, read, soon
    I'm a Caterpillar
    her            first           bird             girl            burn
    were         shirt           fur              hurt            sir
    after          brother       can't           sister         tell
    sight words: done, know, push, visit, wait
    Where Are My Animal Friends? 
    bigger            biggest                  faster               fastest             taller
    tallest             shorter                  shortest            sadder            saddest
    boy                 do                         from                 won't             night
    sight words: before, does, good-bye, oh, right, won't
    Unit 4-
    Mama's Birthday Present
    train              way             tail          play          day
    may               rain             gray        mail         afraid
    children         give            off           what        pain
    sight words: about, enjoy, give, surprise, worry, would
    eat           sea        each        team        please
    dream     treat       beach      clean       lean
    has          him        his          new         all
    sight words: draw, colors, drew, great, over, show, sign
    A Trip to Washington DC 
    boat            road           snow          row             yellow
    loaf             coat           soap           blow           pillow
    come          little           some         zoo              like
    sight words: found, mouth, once, took, wild
    A Southern Ranch 
    lie                 tie             high             might          right
    night            bright        light             pie              tight
    because        pretty        teacher         where         nice
    sight words: eight, above, moon, laugh, touch
    Peter's Chair
    backpack       outside             baseball           herself           flashlight
    bluebird         lunchbox         suitcase            inside            brainstorm
    away              find                 funny               run                  came
    sight words: stood, room, thought, picture, remember
    Henry and Mudge and Mrs. Hopper's House 
    slowly           careful             quickly              useful            painful
    playful          sadly                gladly               nicely             wonderful
    into               must                 now                  our                  please
    sight words: told, only, across, because, dance, opened, shoes 
    Unit 5-
    Tippy-Toe Chick, Go 
    how        town           down            now                 brown
    cow        clown         frown           crowd              growl
    ran          say             so                  soon                too
    sight words: along, behind, eyes, never, pulling, toward
    Mole and Baby Bird 
    mouth         house          found           our                out
    cloud          ouch            shout            round           count
    under          well            again            an                 any
    sight words: door, loved, should, wood 
    Dot and Jabber and the Great Acorn Mystery 
    book           moon             took          food                look
    pool            zoo                noon         good                foot
    ask              every              fly           going               just
    sight words: among, another, instead, none
    Simple Machines 
    oil             soil           voice        point       boy
    boil           coin          oink         toy           join
    know        let             live           may         once
    sight words: against, goes, heavy, kinds, today
    Alexander Graham Bell 
    saw               draw                crawl          straw            law
    jaw               paw                  lawn          yawn            hawk
    open              put                   round        stop               take
    sight words: built, early, learn, science, through
    The Stone Garden 
    unhappy                refill               untie              undo          repay
    unkind                   undress          retell              reopen       rewind
    thank                    then                 think             walk          were
    sight words: answered, carry, different, poor