Students will utilize a variety of instructional technology devices during their time here at Center Grove. Apple iPads in grades K-2 and 6-12, while grades 3-5 utilize Google Chromebooks. K-5 devices are kept at school unless directed to be taken home by school administrators. Examples for students taking devices home include scheduled e-learning days or in cases of inclement weather. Grades 6-12 is a full 1:1 deployment where the student is responsible for their school issued device and is taken to and from school every day. The devices allow us to provide a personalized instructional approach to learning and increase student engagement.
    With technology comes the need for responsibility from the student. Center Grove encourages parents to review with their students the corporation's Acceptable Use Policy and the discipline code in the student handbooks. Student handbooks can be found on each school’s website. It is the responsibility of parents and students to know what is right and what is wrong in the use of technology.

    We also encourage parents to monitor the technology their children are using at home. Resources are available upon request.

    Internet Safety
    Center Grove complies with CIPA rules & regulations and provides safe and educational internet filtering for all devices connected to the CG network. School issued devices are filtered 24/7 both onsite and offsite. If you have concerns about content filtering at home for Bring Your Own devices, there are options available.
    • Web content filtering at Home
    Center Grove's Technology Department uses Securly DNS to filter all Center Grove owned devices. BYOD devices are filtered while on the CG network. It is available for BYOD devices reserved for extenuating circumstances or students who opt to violate the policies related to the guidelines set forth by the handbook, available on the Mobile Minds website. 
      • First check with your home internet provider to see what options they provide for home filtering. These are easiest to setup and may not require any additional equipment or costs.
      • Circle
      • OpenDNS
      • NetNanny
      • Clean Browsing
    • Monitor what they're watching and playing on their devices.
    • Digital Citizenship
      Digital citizenship is an important part of students being able to effectively use technology as a productive learning tool both in and outside of the classroom. Some key focus areas of digital citizenship are data privacy & security, digital footprint, and cyberbullying. Below are some helpful resources and coursework to gain a better understanding of digital citizenship.
    Internet Access
    If you do not have Internet access at home or need assistance, below are providers in our areas and special programs offered.
    • Providers in our area
      • Metronet
      • Xfinity
      • ATT