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  •  COVID-19 UPDATE (2/19/21)

    The Board and district leadership appreciate the feedback from so many parents and students on this difficult and somewhat polarizing issue. We also appreciate our secondary faculty and staff members who took the time to share their opinions this week.  Their passion for educating our students safely, along with our concerns about moving back to a traditional setting weighed heavily upon us as we made this decision.  

    Based on the feedback from our faculty and staff members and in an effort to balance safety concerns with our need to return students to in-person learning, CGCSC will return to Traditional students in Grades 6-12 to full, in-person learning beginning March 8. We anticipate the Indiana Department of Health (IDH) metrics for community spread in our county will continue to drop and be in the minimal category by that date. However, if the IDH indicates Johnson County’s community spread is increasing or if CGCSC sees significant increases in our COVID impact numbers, we may return to a Blended schedule. (Click here to view a secondary calendar through March 19.)

    Traditional students in Preschool through Grade 5 will continue to meet in-person 5 days a week.

    Center Grove will continue to provide daily updates on the number of positive cases in our schools and weekly updates on the number of COVID-related absences on our District Status webpage. Metrics for community spread in Johnson County are available on the Indiana Department of Health website. 

    As we shared two weeks ago, the Johnson County Health Department has recommended Johnson County Schools put in place a new recommendation for contact tracing in classrooms. The recommendation reduces the range for close contacts from six feet to three feet in classrooms where students are facing forward and wearing masks without breaks during the entire class period. This new guideline does not change the definition of a close contact, nor does it apply to contact tracing in music, physical education, lunch, extra-curricular activities, or other non-standard classroom environments. CGCSC began following this new recommendation on February 8th. The change is designed to reduce the number of students who are quarantined due to close contact with an individual in a classroom who has tested positive for COVID-19.  Center Grove will not change the length of quarantines. The IDH and Johnson County Health Department continue to recommend quarantine lengths remain at 14 days.

    Remember, all students and staff must wear face coverings on the school bus and at school and are requested to perform a Daily Health Screening each morning before coming to school. If your student receives a positive COVID-19 test, please report it to your school directly or via our online form at this link. Both Traditional and CG Virtual students are required to report positive test results. 

    Illness/Quarantine: If a student enrolled in the Traditional option and is absent due to illness or quarantine, make-up work is expected to be completed and procedures will function as they have in the past. He/she will not be switched to CG Virtual. Secondary teachers may use Canvas to provide work for students; however, parents may still need to pick up work at the school. Elementary teachers may also use Canvas to support students in addition to sending homework. Please communicate with your child's teacher to determine expectations for make-up work.

    ECAs/Visitors: Information about building/visitor access and ECAs/Athletics for 2nd Semester is available at this link.

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  • District Status: Stage 2
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    Additional information transition considerations available at the bottom of this page




CGCSC District Status Considerations

  • CGCSC will update the current district status weekly. 

    The metrics being considered include, but are not limited to:

    • IDH County Metric Map (Johnson County)
    • COVID-19 Impact: Number of COVID-19 Positive Cases in each CGCSC school 
    • COVID-19-Related Absences: Number of students, staff on quarantine, isolation
      • 20%+ may trigger eLearning
      • 15-20% may trigger Blended
      • 10% or less return to Traditional
    • Availability of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • Availability of Cleaning Products/Supplies

    These metrics are being considered independently and collectively. A decision to move to a different stage will be determined in consultation with the Johnson County Health Department.