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Teaching & Learning Overview

Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning Overview


Curriculum Provides Elementary Schools with Strong Academic Foundation

 Curriculum provides focus at the elementary schools, which serves students from Kindergarten to Grade Five, is to provide a strong foundation in the basics, as well as opportunities for creative expression, artistic growth and physical and social development. To support these objectives, the faculty of each elementary school includes full-time art, music and physical education teachers, as well as home-school advisors. In addition, Extended Learning, a program for academically advanced students, is offered to students in grades four and five. For those students identified with special education needs, a range of programs are available from inclusion to full-time special education classes. Technology has been implemented in our elementary schools to support student learning and offer additional educational resources. Opportunities to learn through and with technology begin in Kindergarten.

Middle School 

Focuses on Team Approach

 The curriculum focus at the middle schools, which serves students in grades six, seven and eight, involves a class assignment to one of several interdisciplinary teams. Through the use of these teams, teachers are able to have more contact time and work together to develop meaningful programming. In addition to experiencing an outstanding middle school curriculum in the core subjects, students are provided exploratory opportunities in the areas of foreign language, industrial technology, art, music, computer applications, and family and consumer science. Center Grove middle school students complete one year of algebra study as part of their mathematics preparation before entering high school.

High School

Eight-Block Schedule Allows Flexibility

 Center Grove High School is widely recognized as one of the outstanding high schools in the region, consistently performing among the top 25 percent of high schools in the state. In 1995-1996, Center Grove High School moved to an eight-clock schedule to allow flexibility in instructional strategies and a wider range of course choices for students. Students have several options when selecting their course of studies, including advanced placement and college preparatory classes, career-oriented courses in technology, business education, industrial technology and enrollment in the Central Nine Career Center. Students may elect to study one of four foreign languages: French, German, Japanese or Spanish. Center Grove High School's academic and athletic teams and performing arts groups typically receive top honors at national, regional and state competitions.