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Title I

What is Title I?

Title I is federal funding for schools to help students who are falling behind academically. Funding is based on the number of students eligible for free and reduced lunch in a school. In Center Grove Community School Corporation, three out of six elementary schools qualify for Title I funding. North Grove Elementary, Pleasant Grove Elementary, and Sugar Grove Elementary  

How is the Title I funding used?

The funds are used to hire certified Title I teachers and paraprofessionals; purchase materials and supplies; and provide family involvement activities.  

How are students selected to participate in the program?

Title I program participants are selected using a variety of test measures and through teacher recommendations.  

What kind of help do students receive?

Once identified as needing supplementary reading assistance, students work with Title I teachers and/or paraprofessionals. All students qualifying for Title I services receive support instruction that supplements the reading strategies currently underway in the daily classroom. Student progress is monitored through Aimsweb+ monitoring tools.  

How long do students stay in the program?

As soon as the student has secured grade level reading and writing skills, he or she will move out of the Title I supplementary program. Each child's learning progresses at different rates and the child may stay in the program one semester, an entire academic year, or remain in the program for several years.   For more information about the Title I program, please contact your child's homeroom teacher, or email Marcy Szostak, Director of Elementary Teaching and Learning.