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Characteristics of High Ability

High Ability: Extended Learning, Honors, Advanced Placement


CHARACTERISTICS OF HIGH ABILITY   Characteristics of a Gifted Child vs. High Achieving Child  

A High Achiever…

A Gifted Learner…

Remembers the answers.

Poses unforeseen questions.

Get’s A’s.

May not be motivated by grades.

Is interested.

Is curious.

Is attentive.

Is selectively mentally engaged.

Generates advanced ideas.

Generates complex, abstract ideas.

Works hard to achieve.

Knows without working hard.

Answer the questions in detail.

Ponders with depth and multiple perspectives.

Performs at the top of the group.

Is beyond the group.

Learns with ease.

Already knows.

Needs 6-8 repetitions to master.

Needs 1-3 repetitions to master.

Enjoys the company of age peers.

Prefers the company of intellectual peers.

Grasps the meaning.

Infers and connects concepts.

Is receptive.

Is intense.

Is accurate and complete.

Is original and continually developing.

Enjoys school often.

Enjoys self-directed learning.

Is a technician with expertise in a field.

Is an expert who abstracts beyond a field.

Memorizes well.

Guesses and infers well.

Is pleased with own learning.

Is self-critical.

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