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High Ability: Extended Learning, Honors, Advanced Placement



CGCSC’s broad range of course offerings and academic experiences are the result of continual refinement of curriculum maps, curriculum writing, and course syllabi.

At the high school level, students may enroll in Honors and Advanced Placement courses, all of which are on a weighted grading scale.  Please consult the Center Grove High School Academic Guide for more information on the high school course offerings as well as Academic Honors Diploma information (see the Center Grove High School webpage and click on the following the path: Academics/Academic Guides).

At the middle school level, students may be placed in Honors Language Arts, Honors Math, and Honors Science courses.  In 8th grade, the highest achieving students are enrolled in Honors Algebra I for high school credit, and/or Honors Biology and/or World Language.

At the elementary level in grades 1 through 2, students identified as high ability are placed within cluster groups in the home school grade-level classrooms. In grades 3 through 5, the Extended Learning program is offered at two of the district’s elementary schools for students identified as demonstrating exceptional academic ability.  Cluster groups in grades 4 and 5 are offered for students identified as high ability in ELA or Math.

All courses are based on the Indiana College and Career Standards.  Differentiation is achieved by modifying the content, process, or products in a course and by using such strategies as anchoring activities, compacting, flexible groupings, and tiering.


The entire Center Grove Community School Corporation’s staff is committed to assisting students as they engage in challenging activities and experiences.

Elementary students are provided with support through teachers and/or school counselors/home coordinators.  Upon request, the school counselors/home coordinators are available to meet with students, teachers, and parents to answer questions and provide support for individual students.

Middle and high school counselors assist students in making course selections as well as with other academic issues.  At the ninth grade level, all students enroll in the Keystone class, which includes career inventories and planning for the four-year high school sequence.