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High Ability Program


High Ability: Extended Learning, Honors, Advanced Placement



The information provided on this website describes the high ability academic programming, selection criteria, and procedures offered in the Center Grove Community School Corporation. This program is currently under review. As areas are updated, those updates will be posted on this site. The purpose of this site is to provide a resource to parents and staff to use to understand the corporation’s procedures and program offerings for high ability students.

Program Mission
Center Grove delivers a continuum of K-12 services aligned to a rigorous and differentiated curriculum in which students are challenged to take supported risks, to pursue their maximum intellectual potential, develop talent, and increase depth of understanding.  

Program Philosophy and Guiding Principles
We believe every human being is of value, with the right to optimal development.  Each person is unique from all others, and we must not only acknowledge this, but base education upon methods of developing the whole child and utilizing uniqueness.  We are committed to an educational process that recognizes the special value and needs of the individual student.  Providing opportunities and experiences for students who demonstrate high ability in academics and creativity is an integral part of this commitment. 

CGCSC offers a wide variety of academic programs and experiences for students in kindergarten through grade twelve.  Some programs, especially those at the secondary level, have prerequisites students must accomplish before moving to the next level.  In all programs, students must demonstrate their readiness and ability through class work and performance, standardized assessments, and both formative and summative class/course assessments.

The state of Indiana indicates that students should be identified for high ability programming from grades K-12, based on research in the field of Gifted/Talented education. Many factors influence student academic ability, including social maturity, home environment, and experiences outside of school.  Therefore, CGCSC operates a multi-faceted approach to assessment and identification of high ability students.  Both qualitative and quantitative measures are utilized to identify high ability students. High ability students in grades 1-2 are serviced through cluster groups, while grades 3-5 students are serviced within either the Extended Learning program or cluster classrooms.