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High Ability: Extended Learning, Honors, Advanced Placement

Accepted Score Reports for Identification

If your child was identified as high ability by his/her previous school district, please provide score reports* to the Teaching and Learning Department by emailing This page includes a list of accepted assessments for review.

*Please note that a previous high ability designation in another school district does not automatically transfer or guarantee a high ability identification in CGCSC. Test scores should be within two years of the enrollment date.

Ability (Qualitative) Measures

  • Cognitive Abilities Test
  • (CogAT) InView
  • Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children II
  • Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test
  • Orleans-Hanna Algebra Prognosis Test (Gr. 7-12)
  • Otis-Lennon School Ability Test Screening Assessment for Gifted Elementary Students (SAGES-2)
  • Stanford Binet Intelligence Test
  • Test of Mathematical Abilities for Gifted Students (TOMAGS)
  • Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence (WASI)
  • Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children IV (WISC IV)
  • Woodcock Johnson III 

Achievement (Quantitative) Measure

  • Iowa Acceleration
  • Scales Iowa Test of Basic Skills
  • ISTEP (Gr. 6-10 only)
  • Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement (KTEA)
  • Metropolitan Ach.
  • Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA)
  • Stanford Achievement Test
  • Terra Nova
  • Wechsler Individual Achievement Test
  • (WIAT-II) Gifted and Talented Evaluation
  • Scales (GATES) Gifted Evaluation Scales
  • (GES)
  • Scales for Identifying Gifted Students (SIGS)
  • Scales for Rating Behavioral Characteristics of Superior Students (SRBCSS)