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Revocation of Special Education Services  

You have the right to change your mind. Giving consent is voluntary. You can revoke (withdraw) your consent in writing at any time. Your written revocation should be sent to the school or the special education director. If you revoke your consent, it is not retroactive and does not cancel an action that the school has already taken.  

By revoking your consent for services, you are telling the school to stop providing all special education and related services. This includes all special instruction, related services, accommodations, adaptations, modifications, and anything else provided in the student’s IEP. You cannot revoke consent for only some of the special education services.  

After notifying the school that you are revoking your consent, the school must provide you with a written notice that they will no longer be providing services to the student and that they will stop providing services 10 school days after you receive the school’s written notice.   

After 10 school days, the student will be placed in general education without an IEP, and the student is no longer considered to be a student with a disability. This means that the student will be held to the same standards of accountability, expectations, and disciplinary consequences as any other student without a disability.