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Community Flyers

Center Grove Community School Corporation

Center Grove Community School Corporation partners with community groups and organizations which sponsor activities of an educational/enrichment nature for students by allowing them to distribute flyers electronically through the Peachjar platform. Electronic distribution is environmentally friendly and more convenient for parents, providing them with access to flyers in an online location. Parents are notified via email when new flyers are available. Approval of a flyer does not constitute an endorsement by the school corporation. Approval simply means the material has been reviewed and meets the guidelines for district-wide distribution.

Any flyers directed toward staff members should be sent to the Communications Department to be considered for inclusion in the district's weekly staff newsletter. 


Click on the links below to open the flyer page for your school.





If your organization would like to share flyers with students in our schools, you must meet certain criteria determined by CGCSC.

CGCSC approves the distribution of:

  • Flyers that promote an educational experience for students or parents, a healthy use of leisure time,
    a special enrichment activity, and/or community event.

Per School Board policy 9700, CGCSC does not approve the distribution of:

  • Flyers for projects, activities, or programs that would publicize or promote a particular political party, political organization or political viewpoint. 
  • Flyers for projects, activities, or programs that would publicize or promote a particular church, religious organization or religious viewpoint.
  • Flyers for events deemed not suitable for children.

CGCSC partner organizations will not be charged for flyer distribution through Peachjar (PTOs, Parent Groups, Youth Sports Leagues, etc.). Outside groups will be charged a fee based on the number of schools and duration of flyer posting. Flyers must be formatted vertically as a PDF to be uploaded to Peachjar. You may click on the Peachjar logo below to learn more about the process and submit your flyer request.


Peachjar Flyers

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