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Strategic Planning

Each of the six goals in the 2015-2019 Strategic Plan is focused on student learning.  Select the lens below to reveal the goals, each with a link to more information.

A message from the Superintendent

This strategic plan is truly the vision of our community for our school corporation. We invited the entire community to join an advisory group called the CG100. More than 300 people came out at the beginning and again in the middle of the goal-setting process to weigh in on what they believe are the priorities for our schools and our students. Those priorities and ideas were shared with our Strategic Planning 2.0 (SP2.0) Committee who distilled these priorities into actionable goals.  Throughout this process, we had one central focus "How will this affect student learning". That focus led us to a list of shared beliefs, revisions to our corporation vision and mission, and the seven goals we will execute over the next three to five years. That focus also inspired the look for SP2.0, a camera lens.   We appreciate the hard work of the community members, parents, and staff members whose input help create the SP2.0 plan. This site provides more information on each of the goals, along with updates on the progress that will be made on each goal. We welcome your comments and suggestions at this link.  
Rich Arkanoff, Ed.D.

Strategic Plan 2.0 Review

View the review of CGCSC's Strategic Plan 2.0 as presented to the CGCSC Board of School Trustees on June 16, 2022.

Vision and Mission