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Shared Beliefs



College and Career Readiness
Students should be prepared to meet their future with skills and talents that allow them to achieve their potential in each endeavor that they choose. Creativity, collaboration, communication and innovation are valued commodities that will be celebrated.

The entire community is responsible in supporting students as they develop into well-rounded and contributing citizens.

We should offer students a world-class education and appropriate resources that allows them to successfully compete at any level. Curriculum should be both challenging and relevant, offering all students the opportunity to explore and experience success in a wide variety of offerings.

Curriculum and programs should be designed to help students learn to value and respect ALL.

Experiential instruction provides a path to engagement that is both authentic and challenging. Brain-researched strategies and best instructional practices provide opportunities for individual growth so that ALL students will learn.

Social Emotional
Students should be provided with a positive, caring and nurturing environment that optimizes and complements each staff member’s ability to develop relationships with students. Students should feel both emotionally and physically safe as they develop their character and social capacity.

Student learning begins in the home and continues in the classroom with staff members who are professional, caring, passionate and enthusiastic. This achievement is strongest when paired with staff who are highly qualified and respected.