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Vision 10000


Vision 10,000


Vision 10,000
Vision 10,000 is Center Grove Community School Corporation's (CGCSC) plan to accommodate enrollment growth in the district up to 10,000 students. This timeline, embedded at the bottom of this page, lays out milestones for major projects based on aggressive projections for enrollment. The three lanes represent Enrollment, Staffing, and Facilities. For Enrollment, CGCSC uses an aggressive projection for growth. Additional staff and major building projects are timed based off of the anticipated enrollment growth, therefore dates may shift as actual enrollment is determined each year. 

Community Presentation
Center Grove hosted a community presentation on May 28, 2019 to share the Vision 10,000 plan. You can view the entire presentation via YouTube or review a PDF of the presentation. The presentation includes additional information about a Safety Audit conducted by Safe Havens International and results of the community survey on Safety, Security, and Mental Health conducted via Thought Exchange.

Timeline: Vision 10,000