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Budget Assumptions

2018 CGCSC Budget
Debt Service
Capital Projects
Bus Replacement
Budget Assumptions
Revenue Estimate
Spending Plan
Cash Flow

October 26, 2017

 Revenue Assumptions:

  • Miscellaneous taxes will be the same as 2017
  • The maximum levy increases each year based on a growth quotient, which is 4.0%.
  • Revenue is estimated to be $1,060,000, which is less than what is required to fund requested replacements

Expenditure Assumptions:           

  • We have assumed 5% inflation in the cost of buses each year
  • Replacement buses needed in 2018, as identified in the 12-year plan:
    • $918,000 to replace 10 buses in 2018 at a cost of $108,000 each for 78-passenger buses,
      and $54,000 for smaller buses
  • Additional bus needs in 2018:
    • Two 78-passenger buses
  • Total cost of the above 11 buses is $1,134,000

Tax Rate/Levy Assumptions: 

  • Tax rate is computed on State Form 4. The maximum levy will be based on the growth quotient.