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Budget Assumptions

2020 CGCSC Budget
Education Fund
Operations Fund
Debt Service Fund
Referendum Fund
Budget Assumptions
Revenue Estimate
Spending Plan
Cash Flow

October 24, 2019

Revenue Assumptions:

  • Projected enrollment: Increase by 296 students to 8,720
  • Special Education Projected Pupil Count: Up from the prior year
  • Vocational Education: Same as last year
  • Academic Honors Diplomas: Same as last year
  • Summer School: About the same as last year

Total Funding as follows:

2019 Budget

Basic Grant Funding:  $53,193,522
All Miscellaneous Revenues: $     436,478
Transfer to Operations Fund:-$  5,590,000
Total Education Fund:          $48,040,000

2020 Budget

Basic Grant Funding: $56,597,577
All Miscellaneous Revenues: $     312,423
Transfer to Operations Fund: -$  6,690,000
Total Education Fund: $50,220,000

Expenditure Assumptions:
Staff Changes:

  • Administrators:  added 1 (Asst. Principal at Walnut Grove)
  • Teachers: Added 14
  • Support staff: Added 8.3 (Instructional Assistants)

Group Health Insurance:

  • A 9% increase in all costs has been budgeted for January 1, 2020.

Total Expenses: $50,220,000

Tax Rate/Levy Assumptions:
This fund has no tax rate or levy.  It is funded mostly by the state basic grant formula.