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Activity Timeline

2020 CGCSC Budget
Education Fund
Operations Fund
Debt Service Fund
Referendum Fund
Activity Timeline
Assessed Value History
Budget Worksheet


Scheduled Actual  
April 1, 2019 4/1/19 Enrollment projections completed and reviewed by Superintendent’s Council
May 23, 2019 5/23/19 First draft of staffing decisions made by Superintendent’s Council and the Board
June 27, 2019 6/27/19 General Fund Revenue projections available
July 1, 2019 8/23/19 Business Office review of all budgets completed
July 8, 2019 8/26/19 First budget draft presented to Superintendent’s Council
August 1, 2019 8/2/19 Auditor certifies pay-2020 Assessed Values
August 5, 2019 8/5/19 First day of school for students
August 30, 2019 8/31/19 Budgets “closed” for further changes
September 11, 2019  

Budgets (spending plans) transferred into the Gateway system
Send Bus Replacement notice and CPF Plan notice to paper

September 14, 2019  

All state budget forms entered into Gateway system (including Form 3 notice)
Post Notice to Taxpayers (Bus Replacement and CPF Plan only) in Gateway and publish in newspaper
Post CPF Plan and Bus Plan on district website

September 13, 2019   Official ADM Enrollment Count Day
September 26, 2019   Public hearing of the proposed 2020 Budget, Bus Replacement Plan, and Capital Project Fund Plan
October 3, 2019   All final approved budget forms posted in Gateway
October 24, 2019   Proposed 2020 Budget, Bus Replacement Plan, and Capital Asset Plan adopted by the Board at a regular meeting
November 2019   DLGF hearing
December 2019   DLGF provides 1782 draft notice
January 2020   Final 2020 budget received
February 3, 2020  

Second ADM enrollment count day