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Operations Fund

2020 CGCSC Budget
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Operations Fund
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Cash Flow


CGHS Roundabout Construction, 2018

The Operations Fund is used for equipment, maintenance, construction and repair of buildings, land acquisition, and fees for professional services. This includes many maintenance contracts, and the contract for our copier machines. We also pay more than a million dollars each year from this fund for utilities.

Additionally, the fund includes all previous uses of the Capital Projects, Transportation, and Bus Replacement Fund, as well as all Category 3 (“Overhead”) and Category 4 (“Non-Operational”) expenditures from former General Fund, including salaries & benefits for offices of superintendent, business manager, human resources, custodial, maintenance;
insurance and utilities.

Revenue Sources:
More than 99% of the revenue in this fund comes from property tax and other local taxes.

Property Tax Impact:
This fund has a property tax rate limit that is established by a complicated formula.  Because of the complexity of the formula, it has been the subject of legislation to change the calculation in 2011 and again in 2015. Conceptually, this formula causes the tax rate to go down when the assessed value goes up, effectively limiting the revenue in this fund.