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Budget Assumptions

Education Fund
Operations Fund
Debt Service Fund
Budget Assumptions
Revenue Estimate
Spending Plan
Cash Flow


October 22, 2021

Revenue Assumptions:

  • Transfer: Revenue will come partially from a transfer of $8,300,000 from the Education Fund
  • Miscellaneous Taxes: FIT, CIVET, and Excise taxes have been estimated proportionally the same as 2021. LIT taxes have increased for 2022. 
  • Building Rental: Revenue is projected about the same as the prior year
  • Total Revenue: Estimated to be $22,300,000

Expenditure Assumptions: 

  • Staff changes:
    • Added 3.5 Custodians
    • Added 1 Security training and integration specialist
    • Added 1 Plumber
  • Utilities: We budgeted an additional $100,000 in total for utilities, which is a 3.4% increase.
  • Technology and Building Improvement Projects:  Expenditures will be partly in CPF and partly in an additional bond issue of $5,500,000 for building projects and technology. More details about expenditures can be found in the list of CPF and maintenance projects.
  • Bus Plan: 
    • Starting in 2021 we have begun purchasing propane fueled busses
    • We have assumed 5% inflation in the cost of buses each year
    • Replacement buses needed in 2022 are $973,000 to replace 9 buses at a cost of $120,000 each for 78-passenger buses and $65,000 for smaller buses
  • Gasoline: It is very difficult to predict fuel costs:
  • Total Expenditures:  
    • Estimated to be $22,300,000

Tax Rate/Levy Expenditures:

  • Levy: This fund has a maximum levy that increases by a growth quotient every year. We estimate the maximum levy to be $12,342,016 for 2022.