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Budget Assumptions

Education Fund
Operations Fund
Debt Service Fund
Budget Assumptions
Revenue Estimate
Spending Plan
Cash Flow

OCTOBER 20,2022

Revenue Assumptions:

  • Projected enrollment: Increase by 359 students to 9,430
  • Special Education Projected Pupil Count: Increase from the prior year
  • Vocational Education: Increase from last year
  • Academic Honors Diplomas: Decrease from last year; smaller graduating class
  • Summer School: About the same as last year

Total Funding as follows:  


Expenditure Assumptions:

Staff Changes:

  • Administrators:  No change

  • Teachers:  13 classroom teachers

  • Support staff:  4 classroom aides

Group Health Insurance:

  • An average increase of 5.1% in the corporation's share of the premium for January 1, 2023
  • An average increase of 2.1% in the employee share of the premium for January 1, 2023

Total Expenses: $60,180,000

Tax Rate/Levy Assumptions:

This fund has no tax rate or levy.  It is funded mostly by the state basic grant formula.