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Substitute Teacher Tips

Classroom Management Tips

First and foremost, please follow the sub plans provided by the teacher

  • The Tips for Subs PDF is loaded with tips and suggestions for classroom management, filler suggestions, etc.

  • A filler activity when everything in the teacher’s lesson plans are finished: click here for The Cooperation Game and link to the game cards (no laminator? Use packing tape or card stock)
  • Consider creating your own “Sub Pack”! This can be something you bring that fits your teaching style and the grade levels you sub for most often. Some ideas of items to include:
    • a clipboard for quick access to maybe a seating chart or other items you would like to carry around
    • for a filler activity - a newspaper can be used as basis for a story starter or spelling review
    • for another filler activity – tangrams, these are geometric shapes that can be used for various activities, as well as instructional material to teach shapes and geometry
    • tickets can be used to reward students for appropriate behavior. Students can use tickets for an end of the day drawing or redeem them for special privileges

Technology Troubleshooting

Substitute Teacher Resources