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Center Grove Police Department




The CGPD K9 handler program was introduced to Center Grove schools in August 2013. The dogs help deter the introduction of illegal drugs to school and confiscate them when they are detected. Our current K9 can also track when needed. Center Grove is fortunate to have had donations provided to cover nearly the entire cost of the K9s. All of CGPD's K9s have come to Center Grove from VonLiche Kennels in Denver, Indiana.   

The CGPD K9 is outfitted with the basic equipment required based on his specialty. The patrol vehicle to which the K9 and officer are assigned is equipped to allow a comfortable and secure area for the K9 to ride while on patrol.  

K9 Oszy is assigned full-time to Center Grove Police Officer David Beasley who is a certified K9 Handler. Officer Beasley and Oszy are certified in the state of Indiana for narcotics detection. Oszy is also a certified tracker.    

The CGPD K9 visits the elementary schools to conduct programs aimed at developing positive relationships between the students and law enforcement officers. They also regularly patrol the middle schools and high school to continue those positive relationships with students.