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Lightning Detection Systems


  Center Grove invested in "Thorguard" lightning detection systems to protect students, staff, and visitors to all of our campuses.    The systems include a sensor that scans a 2.5 mile radius in the sky for the potential to produce lightning.

  • If a lightning threat is detected, a strobe flashes and an air horn sounds. The tone is 113 decibels and sounds for 15 seconds. Click this link to hear the horn at Middle School North.
  • The strobes continue to flash until the threat has dropped below the danger threshold for five minutes.
  • Once the threat is below the danger threshold, the horn will sound again to give the all-clear.  

The system installed at Center Grove High School covers the entire main campus located along Stones Crossing Road, including the high school sports fields, Middle School Central's campus, Center Grove Elementary, Bright Beginnings Early Learning Academy, Center Grove Alternative Academy, and the Professional Resource and Education Service Centers.   A second system at Middle School North (pictured above left) cover that campus, along with Pleasant Grove Elementary and Sugar Grove Elementary. The buildings not covered by those systems, North Grove Elementary, Maple Grove Elementary, Walnut Grove Elementary and the Transportation/Operations Center will receive message alerts directly from Thorguard.

The Thorguard systems went online for Center Grove on March 1, 2015.