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Safety & Security


CGCSC Safety & Security


CGCSC has invested more than $11 MILLION on safety and security since 2014.


CGPD Badge


  • The Center Grove Police Department is made up of six sworn police officers who are also certified School Resource Officers (SROs), three School Safety Officers (SSOs), one of whom serves as a Safety and Security Integration Specialist, and two K9s. Two of our SROs are certified K9 Handlers. All police officers are licensed police officers in the state of Indiana. Each officer has graduated from an accredited law enforcement academy. They each have full arrest powers and all of the rights, privileges, and immunities afforded to municipal police officers.
  • All school buildings and buses are equipped with radios that can communicate directly with CGPD, Johnson Co. Sheriff’s Dept., and other agencies.
  • Building safety plans are reviewed annually by CGCSC and submitted for approval by the Indiana Dept. of Ed.
  • CGCSC enlisted Safe Havens International to conduct a safety audit in 2018. The corporation has utilized those findings to improve safety and security as the budget allows.


  • The Center Grove Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is located at 2309 South Morgantown Road, Greenwood, north of Center Grove Elementary School.
  • The EOC includes space for headquarters and live monitoring for the Center Grove Police Department and a substation for the Johnson County Sheriff's Department.
  • The facility is home to Fire Station 254, which is a joint venture, staffed by the White River Township Fire Department and Bargersville Community Fire Department.


  • More than 700 security cameras are posted district-wide and linked via network for monitoring by CGPD and administrators.
  • Centegix Alert Systems are installed in every CGCSC building. 
  • Secure entryways are built into all schools.
  • Each school is equipped with a Raptor kiosk to screen visitors.
  • All classroom doors include thumb locks to securely lock doors from the inside.
  • Volunteer background checks are required for parents who volunteer in classrooms.
  • Lightning detection systems provide warnings to all schools when conditions are favorable for lightning. 
  • Another Johnson Co. Sheriff's Dept. substation is located in the White River Township Fire Department Headquarters, located near MSN and PGES at the corner of Morgantown and Fairview Roads.


  • All school buses are equipped with security cameras.
  • Each bus is equipped with a G.P.S. tracking system that is monitored by CGCSC's Operations Center.
  • Center Grove subscribes to the “Here Comes the Bus” app, which allows parents to track their child’s bus to and from school.