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GPS Tracking System

All Center Grove buses are equipped with a “Real Time” Global Satellite Positioning System (GPS). Our system is state of the art provided by Synovia Solutions.

Our system allows us to monitor our buses as they are on the road. We know exactly where they are at all times. The system will also tell us the following;

  1. Speed of the bus.
  2. Any hard braking.
  3. When the 4-hazards come on.
  4. When the yellow warnings are activated.
  5. When the red warnings are activated and stop arm deployed.
  6. Time when the bus made a student stop.
  7. Exact location of the student stop.

Our GPS will also allow us to view the history of where our bus traveled.  It will give exact times the bus made the stop at each pick-up location.

The GPS system also helps us in route planning. By looking at the past history of the bus, we can plan time and stops better. Our GPS system also works in conjunction with our HERE COMES THE BUS program.