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Kindergarten Students


Bus Stop Locations

  • Bus Stops for Kindergarten Students are in the same location as the all the elementary stops. Center Grove Community School Corporation cannot provide door-to-door service.
  •   Most of our sub-divisions do not have sidewalks, and some are poorly lit. Therefore, it is important to remember that parents are responsible for the safety of the student to and from the bus stop. 
  •   Stops for kindergarten students will be placed in the same location (or across the street) as the stops on the morning and afternoon routes to avoid confusing the children and keeping ride times to a reasonable length.  
  •   If a child needs to be dropped off or picked up at a daycare location—it must be within the route and on a consistent basis. The bus stop designated for the location will be utilized. Alternating days, intermittent days must be left to the responsibility of the parent to transport.
  •   Parents/guardians are to be at the stop to meet the child. An older sibling is also permitted with a signed and dated note from the parent.
  •   Be at the stop at least 5 minutes before the scheduled pick-up and drop off time. Do not wait inside the house for the bus to stop. If the driver does not see anyone at the stop, he/she will continue on without stopping.
  •   Learn your child’s bus number and the name of the driver. Many of our sub-divisions and roads have two or more buses that travel the area for other routes. Learning your child’s bus information will help alleviate confusion.
  •   Eating and drinking is not allowed on the bus for safety reasons. Please do not send breakfast or snacks with your child on the bus.
  •   Please remember that the first and foremost job of the driver is to drive the bus safely! It is the responsibility of the child to know how to behave properly on the bus to maintain safety for everyone.
  •   Review the rules of riding the bus with your child to ensure a safe and happy ride. The driver will assign seats to all riders for safety. Please remind your child to stay seated at all times.
  •   All kindergarten children must be tagged at the start of the school year to identify them to the school bus driver as new riders. Please make sure your child’s school bag has the following information on the inside;
    • First and Last name
    • Home Address
    • Home Phone/parent cell phone




Bus Rules for Students

  • When waiting for the bus, stand still and at least 10 feet away from the bus stop as the school bus approaches. Never run toward the bus.
  • If your child has to cross the road—ALWAYS do so in front of the bus  and WAIT until the driver signals to your child that it is safe to cross.  As always, look both ways before crossing the street. 
  • Dropped books, papers, or toys should never be retrieved from under the bus. Let the driver know if something fell under the bus. The driver will be very happy to help.
  • Loose strings, straps, or objects hanging from clothing or book bag can cause serious harm getting on and off the bus. Make sure everything is secured. 
  • Never—Ever—Run after a moving bus (Chasing a bus)! If your child missed the bus, call our number (881-0555) and we may be able to get the driver to come back around if possible.
  • Do not not remove items from your book bag while on the bus. Loose objects can cause many problems. 
  • Always use “inside” voices when talking on the bus. Yelling, screaming, and loud talking can distract the driver from their most important job--- driving the bus.
  • Stay in your seat. Moving around on the bus is dangerous. 
  • Keep your hands to yourself. Hitting, slapping, and play fighting is not allowed.
  • If you have a problem on the bus, let driver know right away so he/she can help you. 
  • Always listen and follow the directions of the Bus Driver.