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Matthew Ehresman

2013-14 Corporation Teacher of the Year
 2013-14 Center Grove Middle School Central Teacher of the Year 

Subject and Grade Level: 8th Grade Social Studies

Years of Experience: 10

Teaching is important to me because: As I tried to find an appropriate definition of teaching to start this paragraph, I came to the realization that teaching cannot be defined by me, but rather, I will forever be defined by my teaching. These acts of teaching will come in several forms, of varying degrees of importance, but all impactful in their own way. First and foremost, my teaching as a father and family man will define my legacy, and shape the lives of my three daughters forever. Teaching them love, patience, forgiveness, and hard work will be a lesson plan from which I cannot deviate for even one day until they reach adulthood. Hopefully I will have packed enough into each day of teaching to allow them to be happy, confident, and productive women who will go on to enrich the lives of others. This lifelong teaching job has given me new insight into my career as a teacher. I hope to teach my students similar lessons, although in a far shorter period of time, and if my words take root and make a lasting positive impact in the lives of the young people with whom I am so privileged to spend each day, them my career can be counted as a success. To me teaching is important because of the relationships built with students, with the community, and the knowledge that those relationships carry over into the lives of every person with whom your students will ever come into contact. Teaching about social studies and telling stories of our nation's past are interesting, challenging, and many times fun. Seeing the bigger picture of what a teacher accomplishes on a daily basis is inspiring, humbling, and one of the greatest joys in my life.