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Barb Johnson

Barb Johnson

6,7, 8 Physical Education
21 years of experience  

Excerpt from Teacher of the Year application

To me, teaching is important because:
To me, teaching is important because I want to have an impact on my students every day. I am not finished learning yet, and each day is a new day. The kids teach me so much, I love my kids!           

I knew that I wanted to be a physical education teacher when I was in the 8th grade. I didn’t know how I was going to get to my goal though. My dad, who was in United States Army veteran of World War II, suggested the Army. After much consideration, I thought…OK, that is my means to my goal, the Army would not just help me pay for college, but it would help me grow up, serve my country, and, in the end, find my husband, too!

I served in the Army for three years which were the best three years of my life. Then, I attended college at the University of Indianapolis where I earned my degree and started my career at Center Grove. It has been such a blessing.

I love the interaction with the kids. I always encourage them to do their best, not only with their grades, but also to get and stay healthy. I talk to the kids daily, listening to their concern, and giving them encouragement as needed.

It is hard to describe what I do on a daily basis, I see over 700 students a day, from hallway duty, teaching in class or working ball games, I am involved with the kids. Whatever it is, I am here for the kids. My favorite class is Adaptive Physical Education. There are 20 kids, and they are the best! The kids have a wide range of emotional and physical disabilities. They keep me grounded on what life is about.

All of our kids have value.

I love my job, I love the kids and I enjoy working with our staff, parents and the community in which we serve.

There is no better place to be than Center Grove Middle School North!