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Daniel Stier

Daniel Stier

Math - 8th Grade
27 years of experience

Excerpt from Teacher of the Year application

To me, teaching is important because:

Teaching is important for the life lessons it teaches all of us.  My first year of teaching, I had a student teach me what he was capable of achieving.  Lamont was an inner city student, whose father had killed his mother.  By all rights, he had no chance of being a successful student or adult.  After his senior year in college, he was named the Elks Man of the Year, for Indiana.  He taught me that all students can do great things, no matter their circumstances.  I had another student who had a rare muscle disease and was wheelchair bound for life.  He smiled every day in my class and never missed a day of school all year.  If this student could be happy and show up for school every day, I needed to do the same.  My students have taught each other and myself many life lessons.  Teaching is more than the coursework, it is about the life lessons we all can learn, from each other.