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Alison Mills




Maple Grove Elementary School


3 Years Teaching 

What teaching means to me...

To me, teaching is important because EACH DAY I have the opportunity to be a difference maker, and a youth shaper.

EACH DAY, I choose to educate, grow, and encourage my students. Our youth is the future and teaching is important because EACH DAY I make choices that affect the world for a lifetime.

It is my passion to lead and educate others. Teaching is the profession that teaches all other professions. EACH DAY, my heart is leading my students to expand their knowledge and reveal their potential.

EACH DAY, students walk into my room. I stretch, push and challenge them to become the strongest version of themselves. Some start the day with a homemade breakfast from mom or dad, while others are getting off the daycare bus, and still others are from foster homes or take a bus from a homeless shelter. I may not know every challenge they face, but EACH DAY I have the opportunity to make a difference in their lives.

EACH DAY I get to make the choice to play a leadership role for my students... to set the bar high... to lead by example. EACH DAY I make the choice to help students realize they have the ability to be successful.