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Gary Robinson




Center Grove Middle School Central


40 Years Teaching 

What Teaching means to me....

"There is more to the world than Center Grove"

I have developed this motto to fit my academic teaching style on a daily basis.  My 7th grade students study Africa, Asia and Oceania through history, geography, economics and governments of these continents.  This has opened up a whole "new world" to them.  We go into detail about many people of recent and past history.  Nelson Mandela, Mohandis Gandhi, Malala, Mao Zedong and Genghis Khan are a few of the people we study.  I expand their knowledge of far away places with a detailed study of China, India, North Korea and many, many other countries. I open up a world of studying Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism.  We learn that the real world is very different from Center Grove.  Center Grove kids want to learn about the world. It is exciting to see their world knowledge increase in their brain but also in their heart.

Being able to "Read the Room" 

As we navigate class everyday we work on academic skills but also include working on increasing personal skills to develop a well-rounded student.  Seventh grade is so important for kids to develop solid organizational skills. This is the time for displaying a mature attitude in "real world" situations.  Also I strive to teach my students to have a consistent work ethic in the all aspects of a 48 minute classroom.  I am not a "helicopter teacher" that stands over the students.  I am an observer and facilitator to foster hard work in my classroom.  I truly believe in "hard work equals success" for my students. 

To take my students beyond "all this information but no knowledge"

I feel that Center Grove students need teachers to help them put the information they learn into a practical real world application.  We write and write and write about many topics.  I believe that it is a teacher's job to give each student a voice about their opinions and how to express them in a respectful way.  The United States of America is at a critical junction of the common person stating their opinions and not listening to anybody else.  We need teachers to start healing the country of this endless negativity and start teaching tolerance to all.

Finally..."To get respect you have to give respect"

I know that my students feel that I truly care about their "future history".  We talk about their possible plans and what courses of action to take for success. Students can learn redeeming qualities from a teacher who models consistent values of respect, fairness and kindness.  I try everyday to be that teacher because "kids are special people".