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Jacob Burskey




Center Grove Middle School North


4 Years Teaching 

What teaching means to me... 

I wear many hats as a teacher.  In any given day, I’m a scientist, a leader, a planner, a communictor, a disciplinarian, and a confidant.  For a little over seven hours a day, 180 days per year, teachers are caretakers responsible for guiding and shaping future generations.  A student will spend a minimum of 1,300 hours in his or her school each year.  Undoubtedly, a teacher will be with that student in some capacity for almost the entirety of that time.  While that may seem like ample time, it’s just 15% of a full year.  Aside from being a parent, there’s no other endeavor as important in preparing a child for the rigors and responsibilities of life, and, I believe, there are a few other professions that work under such a sense of urgency.  With all the distractions and misinformation that permeates our lives today, it’s often the responsibility of the teacher to filter through the noise and guide students toward a productive future.