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Carly Smith




Maple Grove Elementary School


9.5 Years of Teaching; 5 Years at Center Grove 

What teaching means to me.......

To me, As an educator, I believe it is my responsibility to provide for each student the knowledge, skills and opportunity for success in an Art classroom. This responsibility far exceeds providing content knowledge alone. Getting an Art education incorporates such qualities as motivation, communication, time management, and effective problem solving skills. I believe that the Arts promote creativity, dedication, respect, and an active learning environment for all students in a public school setting. For my students to obtain these qualities in a learning environment, I will open my door to each student providing them with a new beginning. Too often students are labeled by having good or bad behavior, smart or lacking there of, their family status, and/or cultural background. I believe it is necessary to give each student the opportunity to overcome or prosper from their past learning experiences. It is also essential for each of my students to demonstrate this respect among each other for the success of a positive learning environment. I also feel that effective teaching is the result of being able to present content in a matter the students can relate to and understand. Students differ in their developmental needs and learning styles. Providing the material and art mediums through visuals, group demonstrations and hand on learning activities will create appropriate instruction for all types of learners. I believe the key to success in an Art classroom is based on the effective management and organizational skills of an Art teacher. This promotes respect, fairness, and a concise understanding of the expectations for the learning environment. These expectations will not only be understood by the students, but will incorporate parent/guardian commitment. Simple approaches such as posting classroom rules and clean-up procedures, labeling materials in order to keep the Art room organized, and sending letters home regarding student progress and evaluating student work with feedback will promote effective management. The impact a teacher has on a student can be life changing in either a positive or negative way. My hope is that each student will be encouraged to explore Art beyond what they already know. I hope this challenge will bring my students self-discipline, a positive self-image, and a rewarding Art education.